After working with Tony on several projects. I’ve seen a trend across all of Waterbean Coffee’s locations. The lack of standardized branding throughout the interior. I wanted to create personalized wall ads that would set the tone for what they should be. Like Starbucks, they have beautiful displays of new products and always change to match the holiday/seasons. 


Let’s start with what you see on their Instagram. This is okay and gets the job done if you’re starting out. The new Hickory shop is the 10th location. Time to step up a bit don’t you think?


Here are some example Instagram post designs.

Every location has a spot on the wall with the company’s motto that I wanted to create a poster design. One of which I’ll place as my favorites that I’ve made in a long while.

Brand standard, I wanted to set a tone with tasteful photos of their product and a blend of text that won’t make the ad to wordy. 

Always like to be a little witty.
Formatted for IG/FB stories
This is but a simple bacon croissant but with condensed milk. So simply but oh my so delicious!

When I see large empty wall spaces it’s nothing but missed opportunities to capitalize and to self promote. Pushing certain products that some customers would never ordinarily order. 

Valentine’s Day is coming up. Here’s something to spruce up the stories.


Logos, menus, flyers, website and photoshoots.