Laguna Blanca

Laguna Blanca is a Chilean brand of super prime salmon that brings the spirt of Chilean Patagonia to the world. The representation of these sets are an evocation of forests, water, stones, textures and flora of this remote and beautiful place of the planet.

To design the light, we were inspired by the “Marble Cathedrals”, one of the most beautiful and rare places in Southern Chile. The way that light moves through the caverns is full of magic, so we wanted to show that magic in all the scenes.

In terms of prop styling, there was a careful search and selection of props and natural elements brought directly from the South of Chile, so that we can really feel this place through all the composition. 

The challenge was to create simple and elegant dishes, where the salmon had as little intervention as possible in order to highlight its purity and flavor. 

And yes, everything was quickly consumed shortly after as we setup for the next shot lol. 

Thank you Juliana for the shoutout. Next time let’s have a bit more than an hours notice of the shoot haha.